Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Okinawa September 2017

It's been quite some time since I posted on this blog. I have a ton of pictures to share but I felt that sharing all of them would be overdoing things a bit. So here are some of my favorites from September 2017. Sorry the quality is kind of lack-luster. Due to my computer deciding to commit suicide by overheating I was forced to upload photos from my camera, to my phone, to Facebook, then to here.  Hopefully I'll be able to remedy this soon! If you want to view the photo in a larger size just tap/click on it! Thanks for checking these photos out! If you need any information on locations or anything feel free to drop me a line in the comment section below!

The above was taken on a morning walk. The sun burst over the horizon and created god rays that bedazzled myself as well as the early morning joggers.

This was taken at sunset looking east toward the Pacific ocean. I was bringing laundry back inside when I saw the dense pinks, purples, and blues begin to streak across the sky.

Another shot of it. Looks Terrible after it being compressed though... Sorry!

Don't begrudge me but this one is actually from July. I went to a local Ajisai (hydrangea) garden and captured the back of this flower next to a small cafe. I'll be posting the hydrangea photos at some undetermined time in the future.

I was on a a walk-about in Okinawa City and found this.

I thought this was a clever way to incorporate the piping. Hang in there little guy...

Here's the rest of the wall. (Okinawa City in the shopping plaza next to Koza Music Town)

Caught this cat presumably walking home. He had all the essentials: beer and sushi.

The Japanese Al Pacino was driving this car on the mean streets of Okinawa City.
I've been living here nearly half a decade, and yet, it's the little mistakes that make me giggle inside.
The local neighborhood Tomcat. I call him Jolly.

Recent sunset (once again sorry for the compression)

Iphone snag from the backseat of the car... Reminds me of the Lion King for some reason.

One of My favorite Castle Ruins on the island

Imagine trying to storm these crooked, steep, narrow steps in a battle. What a scenic location, though.

They must be best friends plotting out what they will do with so much room for activities.

Here's the view from the stony top

The view facing East
Here's a scenic little spot me and the missus found in Yomitan. I felt like having second or third breakfast there.

Cool path through a forest in Orion Happy Park in Nago.

The stairwell at an observatory next to the path above.

When I think of Ramen in Japan, this is the type of shop I think of (Naha).

Had to prop my tripod over the railing and onto the street sign to attempt to get this shot (Naha)
Sunrise from my balcony not a bad view for a near ground apartment.

Obon Sunset

It kind of looks like a witches' hat of a firey funnel of doom near the top.

Brilliant sunset. I can't wait till I have a computer up and running to upload this correctly!
Here's a big ass spider. I see them in the mornings all the time. Their webs are huge but they don't move much. This one was about the size of a Hobbit's hand.

For anyone interested I shoot with a Sony a7 Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera. It's not the latest model but I've only just begun to scratch the surface of its capabilities.

Thanks for checking these photos out! If you like what you see let me know and please feel free to share this page! Also, if you're going on vacation take a look at the booking advert below! Every penny helps put food on the table, pay the kids' college tuition, or buy new gear! Thanks for stopping by!


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