Friday, January 9, 2015

Big Bad John's Bday.

 Sixty one. A number that just wasn't meant to be for the man this post is about, That man is my father. On September 28, 2014 he died after finishing a hunting round in a chukar hunting competition. One of the things that continually comes to mind when I think about my father was his undying love for fitness. Throughout his life he always seemed to be involved in physical activity: through his job in construction, to his affinity for water sports, jogging, and of course weight training. This post is a few select shots I have of his physical fitness level through nearly three decades. Along the way through this photo journal I'm going to share some of his best advice and thoughts concerning lifting that can be equally applied to life.

Early 30's
 "There were a lot of guys bigger than me. But they didn't work hard enough. It's about dedication. And I was dedicated 100% to that life [training for body building] at that time."

early 30's pre-contest
 Once when I'd just begun weight training at a pony 120 pounds my dad loaded 225 lbs onto the bench. I looked at it, looked at him and said, "I cant do that much! Are you joking?" Without a moment of hesitation he said, "I'll help you. C'mon. I just want you to feel the weight. This way when you get stronger you'll know what it feels like. Everyone needs a spot even those guys in the magazines. I'll spot you."
32 Sierra Nevada Competition
"When you're on the stage you're not healthy. You're dehydrated, tired and hungry. I remember guys popping sticks and putting it up their nose to wake them up so they wouldn't pass out on stage. Guys having bumps on their ass from shooting steroids. You look good but inside your body is falling apart."
"The older you get your priorities will change. Things you used to think were the most important things in the whole world will change. Each year offers something new."
"Pour the milk! C'mon left those arms! Girls like delts! Pour the milk!" Said to a group of high school football players during a summer weights program.

late 40's
"I'll reach across this room and bitch slap you one!" (said often and jokingly)

Today would have been your birthday. We all miss you dearly... but through the internet you will gain a certain amount of immortality. Living on so your future grandchildren's children's children can peer back into time and see a man they never had a chance to meet. Thank for everything pops and do an extra rep for all of us.

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