Monday, April 27, 2015

Live the Mario Kart Life in Okinawa Japan

Ok, so I've seen this several times but was finally able to get a picture of it yesterday. Here in Okinawa they have quite a few ways to get tourists to spend their money. This is one of them!

Apparently its's legal to drive these anywhere except the expressway in Okinawa. No helmet is needed and I believe you only need a regular drivers license/ international drivers permit to rent one. You can also rent three wheeled motorcycles without needing a motorcycle license or helmet (apparently they fit the bid as a small car). But if you do rent one be incredibly careful they are really hard to see if you are in a car (even the flags above them can be difficult to see).

Also the company who rents them may give you Mario gear to wear. The guy in the white tshirt above has a Mario cap. I've seen other people completely dressed as Mario, Luigi Etc. You can see more on the website link below.

 These guys stopped at the 100 Yen store (Japanese Dollar Store) to buy a few of their own supplies including party masks and squirt guns. Looks like a damn good time right?!

If you're interested in renting some while on the island you will need to go to the link HERE. For one hour it will be roughly $30 USD for one hour up to $170 for 24 hours (¥3,150 -¥17,850 plus insurance).


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