Friday, April 10, 2015

Okinawa in March!

George on Kokusai Street

I thought they were jumping to their death

Sea wall

Sunset beach 

Snack bar area in Himeyuri Naha

Sometimes you just need a nap


Late night snack

They may want to reconsider their design

He loved his hair

Temple in Tsuji

Too tired to move

Yo! Wat Krew you reppin?!


Burial shrine next to the river

The best convenience store guy in Oki

farmland near Cape Zanpa

Cape Zampa

Cape Zampa

Cape Zampa

No charge for a cheese burger?

Cape Zampa

Naha tat shop

Snack bar area near 58 in Naha

Sunabe seawall

Life through cheap sunglasses

Cool pup in Naha

Dragon time in Naha

The sign under this said "Do not Enter"

Scuba lessons

Escalator to heaven


Public housing in Naha

Stray cat 

Sunabe Sea wall

Tree monster

King Kupa

Snack bar region in Himeyuri

moon tree

who is this lady

City office in Naha

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