Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cats of Okinawa

Zamami House Kitty

Here's a collection of cats that I found through out Okinawa, Japan. Feel free to tap or click the picture to see a larger size! Also, feel free to share some of your own cat pictures in the comments section below! Enjoy!


Zamami kitty 2 (not the same cat as above)

Tokashiki Kitty

Tokashiki Kitty


Shuri area

Shuri Area

Shuri area

Tomigusuku kitten

Friken lazer eyes

Kokusai Cat


not a cat
Also not a cat

Neighborhood cat (super friendly) Ginowan

In Naha

Naha Kitty

Just Chillin

Hungry Shisa
Thanks for hanging in there!

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