Monday, November 9, 2015

Mildly Interesting Stuff Seen in Asia: Part 1

Here's a collection of mildly interesting and odd things I've been able to capture on camera. You can click on the image to make it bigger. I apologize for the quality on a few of the pictures. Some of the images were taken using an old i-phone. Enjoy!

good business plan (Kyoto, Japan)
There is a man in this photo.
Evolution of man, naha Okinawa

long night out eh? (coffee shop in Kyoto, Japan)
Real life Mario Cart (okinawa, Japan)

A cafe with tons of Gibli Studios characters all around it

patrolling the Dangerous Streets of Tokyo whilst wearing helmets
Bear Porn Seoul Korea
Giant fricken Robots in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan
Anime walk of fame? (Hong Kong)
don't sleep at a reggae festival

Apparently they even rent cars to monkeys

you know you want to go (osaka, Japan)
inviting entrance (Naha, Okinawa)

textbook in Korea... Stereotyped Facts of Life?

Homosexual Alen in Wonderland comic (Korea)
Squeeze in

Found this rock nearly encased by coral

Snack bar girls at one of the most expensive snack bars in Naha
Do it now!
directions on how to open a can
Powerful Food for Powerful men

A green tea can with instructions on how to open it.
This man either loves or hates animals. all of his clothing was animal or insect related.
still not 100% certain how to take this.

You've been warned (seen in Seoul)
Soju Octopus (Korea)

Graffiti in abandoned hotel in Okinawa, Japan

Found about 150 meters inside of a cave

I guess the USA has its mildly interesting points as well...

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you've enjoyed a few of the things I have been fortunate enough to see and experience! Feel free to check out other posts using the sidebar!

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