Thursday, August 28, 2014

32 photos to Give you a Peak into a Weekend Trip to Beautiful Kyoto Japan

Kyoto. It's one of my favorite places in Japan. The kind people, the massive amount of history, and the feeling of reverence for all those who have trod the ground before you. If you're headed to Japan I would definitely recommend a stop in Kyoto (even just for a day trip). I'm hoping to return soon and maybe I'll see you there!

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  2. Love the pics! I too was planning a short trip to Japan, was most of the sight-seeing/exploring more or less spontaneous and on-the-fly? Would like to hear some tips when it comes to solo traveling in Japan!

    1. Howdy! Usually I try to find a few things I definitely want to see. Then I try to find fun or unique routes to get to those places. This allows me to see things I might not find online or without being a local. Get to know a few phrases of the local language. Even simple things like thank you, you're welcome, excuse me and where is~ can be beyond useful and leave a good impression on the local folks. Good luck and enjoy your travels!