Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend get away part 1

So I had been planning a nice retreat to the northern realm of Okinawa with the girlfriend for about a month. I decided on the small city of Motobu. 
It wasn't my first time going to this region of the island paradise but there were a few sites I wanted to see along the way. We started off the 2 hour drive around 330pm heading North on highway 58 which for the most part coddles the shoreline until Motobu. Along the way the little woman and I chatted about life, music and future plans until I found a place just North of Nago to take in a view of the sea. 
 The sun was slowly making its long decent into the sea, the waves were calm and we were able to steal a few quiet moments to ourselves. Watching the waves lap the shore one can't help but wonder where these waters have been before. Perhaps they were sailed upon or drank by my ancestors in some distant point in time and space; Maybe they coursed through the veins of the ancient lizard beasts that once ruled the globe; or perhaps they've just ran through their cycle endlessly since before time was counted. Regardless it's always a welcome sight. 

Nearby a father, son and family dog were fishing. The son watching his father, the father watching the ocean and the dog keeping a close eye on both of them. It seemed like a nice father-son-dog day trip for them as well. 
From there it was another 40 minutes to the hotel. The Motobu Green Park and Golf Course; a cozy little resort tucked away in the hills of Motobu. It was nothing spectacular but it offered a quiet place, decent food and a swimming pool.

We arrived just as the sun was setting and did the typical thing all hotel dwellers do once they arrive...search the room like you're looking for pirates hidden booty. No treasure was found but I was able to take a decent shot of the rooms view before the sun disappeared for the night. 
After about 35 minutes of down time we were both starving so we headed downstairs to the diner. I made the slight mistake of ordering the beef. It was delicious but not quite as good as my girlfriend's pork. Which, was absolutely fantastic. The food was served in yaki-niku (think BBQ that you cook by yourself... Without BBQ sauce) with foods ranging from sashimi to rice. 

After the meal it was time for a night swim in the hotel pool. We arrived 25 minutes or so before closing and were able to enjoy the entire pool by ourselves.   We swam underneath the stars, both our bodies floating in the cool tranquil water enjoying the fruits life has given us. But alas relaxation is best enjoyed sparsely. And so we raced. I proved the better at freestyle but was handed my ass in both the back and breast stroke. I guess that's what you get when you grow up in a desert. 

After that it was time to join the company of Morpheus (not the one from the Matrix) and prepare for the next days activities. 

Upon leaving I did notice something I hadn't seen before though. In the desk drawer where you usually find a bible there was something else along with it. It's always nice to have a choice... 

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